The birth of a legend


The birth of a legend

In a privileged spot protected by the Gredos Mountains in the Province of Toledo, Spain, a winery blends into the vineyards in the horizon: it is Finca los Alijares. Its installations rise next to these vineyards, the most prestigious wine growing land in the world, comprising a unique space which brings together two indispensable elements for making authentic estate wines: an exceptional vineyard together with winemaking and enological talent. Finca los Alijares was founded 2005, by José Luís Pérez-Agudo, third generation of two of the most important winery families in the region.

This is his most personal project, into which he has poured the winery knowledge he inherited to the production of top quality estate ecological wines. No effort has been spared towards achieving this demanding goal. Therefore, we have acquired adjacent vineyards so as to consolidate an exceptional vineyard of 43 hectares with exceptional conditions for growing the best native grape varieties as well as the principal varieties of foreign white and red grapes.


Commitment to the vines and grapes

An absolute respect for the vines and the grapes is the philosophy defining our winemaking procedures. Today, this has led us to perfect environmentally -friendly growing, harvesting, production and ageing techniques which guarantee maintaining all the natural properties of the grapes and provides the unique and exquisite aroma, color and taste to our wines. All our wines are made from the highest quality grapes from our own vineyards.

This is a unique property with exceptional distinctive characteristics of soil and land for growing vines, key factors for making an authentic estate wine. Only through constant work and meticulous care to maintain the natural properties of the grapes, can the personality of a wine be obtained, capable of transmitting the character of an unique vineyard.


From the heart of Castille

Finca los Alijares is located in the province of Toledo, to the north of the municipality of Arcicóllar, bordering with the municipalities of Camarena and Fuensalida, in a zone of extraordinary beauty extending from Madrid to Toledo. This region has been traditionally linked to wine making and bears the mark of deep historical roots. Cradle of civilizations, place of battlegrounds and wars,

witness to transcendental events in the history of both Spain and Europe, the Province of Toledo has seen Celtiberians, Romans, Visigoths, Arabs, Jews and Christians ride through the land. Finca los Alijares honors this cultural background with its sweet wine “Villa Algariba”, named in honor of an ancient Celtiberian settlement which once thrived near the property.


Ecological wine, certified quality

Our philosophy is based on a deep respect for the vines and the grapes, each one of our wines: – “Finca los Alijares”, “9 Cotas” and “Villa Algariba” – evidences the natural properties of the grapes from which they are made, without resorting to artificial additives. The labels of our wines bear the Ecological Agriculture Seal, certifying the use of natural organic fertilizers for growing grapes, making wine without

antiseptics or antioxidants, while conservation and bottling of the wine is carried out without harmful additives. Finca los Alijares has been inspected by the french company Ecocert, expert in certification of environmental friendly products in over 80 countries. Our wines also comply with Biosuisse Swiss regulations and are acknowledged as 100% Ecological Products in the United States market under N.O.P. (National Organic Program).