Our wines have roots


Our wines have roots

Located in a singular geographic location with an exceptional climate and soil for growing vines, protected from the northern winds by the Guadarrama and Gredos mountain ranges, Finca los Alijares enjoys a Mediterranean climate with Atlantic influence, dry summers with marked swings in temperature between day and night, specially during the grape ripening period.

Finca los Alijares is far more than a vineyard. It is surrounded by a small forest of cork oak, holm oak and rock roses on the banks of Arroyo de Palacio, a tributary of the Guadarrama river, which flows through the property. A copse of poplars and reedbeds form a lovely landscape, home to partridges, rabbits and hares.

This large estate with a total surface of 62.1951 hectares, of which 43 hectares are vineyards, is set out as follows:

1st. On the left bank of Arroyo de Palacio:
– 26,0406 hectares of vines,
– 3,127 hectares of fallow land,
– 0,8091 hectares for the winery and gardens.

2nd. On the right margin of Arroyo de Palacio:
– 13,9594 hectares of vines,
– 2,9017 hectares of fallow land,
– 4,5528 hectares of forest
– 10,8045 hectares fallow and brush.

The land

A vineyard that pampers the land

Finca los Alijares guarantees that its vineyards have been cared for ecologically from the start. A plot of exceptionally good virgin land was chosen for planting. The trellising procedures have been completely developed by the vineyard’s team, minimizing as far as possible compacting grape clusters, thus providing ventilation and catching the sun’s rays, allowing for slow and homogeneous ripening.

The rich soil and its peculiar characteristics are fundamental for obtaining a top quality healthy grape. To maintain the purity of the soil, at Finca los Alijares we only use organic fertilizers from natural vegetable sources. In the wintertime, we carry out “green manure” fertilizing, consisting in planting vetch in alternate rows, and the following year another leguminous plant, which is turned over in the springtime, adding it to the soil together with grape skins and vine shoots from the vineyard.


Grape varieties

We grow nine different grape varieties, domestic as well as foreign, 7 red and 2 white.

Red Grapes:
– Tempranillo: 6,9471 hectares
– Garnacha (Grenache): 1,7640 hectares
– Graciano: 7,3701 hectares
– Syrah: 7,1670 hectares
– Merlot: 6,6307 hectares
– Cabernet Sauvignon: 2,3490 hectares
– Petit Verdot: 3,1336 hectares

White Grapes:
– Moscatel de Grano Menudo (Muscat Blanc à Petits Grains): 1,7221 hectares
– Viognier: 3 hectares