Commitment to good wine,
starts with respect for the grapes.

Finca Los Alijares

Finca los Alijares proudly evidences a continuous serious commitment to the vineyards and its fruit, the grapes, since it was established in 2005. With an exceptional vineyard of its own, the vines receive ecological -friendly care from the start. Planting, harvesting, growing, producing and aging in this manner guarantees the conservation of all of the grape’s natural properties, bringing forth color, aroma and taste, both exquisite and singular.

“Only through constant, meticulous and considerate work regarding the natural properties of the grapes, can we achieve these wine’s unique personality, capable of transmitting the characteristics of a unique vineyard”.

José Luis Pérez Agudo

Proprietor and founder of Finca los Alijares

Organic Wines

The quality of our wines: “Finca los Alijares”, “9 Cotas” and “Villa Algariba” is endorsed by Ecocert with the Seal of Ecological Agriculture, the official seal of this french company specializing in the certification of ecological products in over 80 countries.